Alphabetical Listing of Groups Posting Staffing Announcements

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AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)

AFL-CIO (Researcher and Campaigner Resume Posting Service)

AAUP (American Association of University Professors)

AAUP (Portland State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, PSU-AAUP)

AAUP (University of Connecticut Chapter, UCONN-AAUP)

AEA (Arizona Education Association)

AFA (Association of Flight Attendants–CWA)

AFM (Associated Musicians of Greater New York, AFM Local 802)

  • Union Organizer, New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties (Posted: 10/23/2014) New York

AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (Regional and International Positions))

AFSCME (Council 3)

AFSCME (Council 31)

AFSCME (Council 36)

  • Internship, Los Angeles (Posted: 10/2/2014) California

AFSCME (Council 57)

AFSCME (Council 75)

AFSCME (Local 1004 (Salt Lake City))

AFSCME (Local 3299)

AFT (AFT Vermont)

AFT (American Federation of Teachers)

APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties)

  • Organizer, Harrisburg (Posted: 10/20/2014) Pennsylvania

ASP (American Solar Partners)

BAC (International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers)

BTU (Broward Teachers Union)

Build UP NYC

CCEA (Clark County Education Association)

CEA (Connecticut Education Association)

CF PBA/PEA (The Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association/Public Employees Association)

CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining, and Energy Union)

CFT (California Federation of Teachers)

CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns & Residents)

CLTCEC (California Long-Term Care Education Center)

CNA/NNOC (California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, CNA/NNOC-AFL-CIO – please see both National Nurses Organizing Committee and National Nurses United)

CNA/NNU (California Nurses Association (CNA) / National Nurses United (NNU) AFL-CIO)

Council of New Jersey State College Locals – AFT

CPD (Center for Popular Democracy)

CSEA (California School Employees Association)

CSEA (Connecticut State Employees Association (CSEA) SEIU Local 2001)

CSEA (CSEA/ACSS, Association of California State Supervisors, a California State Employees Association affiliate)

CSEA (AFSCME, Local 1000, New York)

CTA (California Teachers Association)

CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha)

CTW (Change to Win)

CU-ILR (Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations)

Doctors Council SEIU

FEA (Florida Education Association)

Fight for 15

FOP (National Fraternal Order of Police)

GroundWorks Campaigns

  • Canvassers, Sacramento area (Posted: 10/22/2014) California

HOPE (Houston Organization of Public Employees)

IATSE (Motion Picture Studio Mechanics, Local 52)

IBT (International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 251)

IFPTE (International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21)

ILRF (International Labor Rights Forum)

Jobs To Move America

LAE (Louisiana Association of Educators)

LAUAJATC (Los Angeles and Vicinity Steamfitter and Industrial Pipefitter Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee)

LIUNA (Laborers International Union of North America)

MNA (Michigan Nurses Association)

MTA (Massachusetts Teachers Association)

Murphy Anderson PLLC

NEA (National Education Association)

New Hampshire AFL-CIO

NNOC (National Nurses Organizing Committee)

NNU (National Nurses United)

NNU (National Nurses United / The People’s Lobby)

Northern California Valley Sheet Metal Industry JATC (Northern California Valley Sheet Metal Industry Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee)

NSEA (Nevada State Education Associatio​n)

NUHW (National Union of Healthcare Workers)

NUHW-CNA (National Union of Healthcare Workers)

NYHTC (New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council)

NYSNA (New York State Nurses Association)

NYSPEF (New York State Public Employees Federation)

OEA (Ohio Education Association)

OEA (Oregon Education Associatio​n)

PEU (Public Employees Union, Local 1)

PSC/CUNY (Professional Staff Congress, AFT Local 2334)

PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association)

Public Citizen - Global Trade Watch

Richir Outreach

SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild — American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)

SDICLC (San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council)

SEIU (Service Employees International Union (International Positions))

SEIU (1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East)

SEIU (1199SEIU Benefit & Pension Funds)

SEIU (Local 1)

SEIU (Local 32BJ)

SEIU (Local 49)

SEIU (Local 105)

SEIU (Local 284)

SEIU (Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union)

SEIU (Local 517M)

SEIU (Local 521)

SEIU (Local 721)

SEIU (Local 1000)

SEIU (Local 1021)

SEIU (Local 1989, Maine State Employees Association, MSEA-SEIU)

SEIU (SEIU Benefit Funds)

SEIU (SEIU District 1199WV/KY/OH)

SEIU (SEIU Healthcare 775NW)

SEIU (SEIU Healthcare 1199 New England)

SEIU (SEIU Healthcare 1199NW)

SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Michigan)

SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania)


  • Strategic Researcher, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley (Posted: 9/11/2014) Texas
  • Union Organizer, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley (Posted: 8/12/2014) Texas

SEIU (SEIU UHW West, United Healthcare Workers West)

SEIU (SEIU ULTCW, United Long Term Care Workers)

SEIU (SEIU USWW, United Service Workers West)

SMART (The International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers)

The Ardleigh Group

  • Field Organizer, Fast Food Workers Campaign, Denver (Posted: 10/10/2014) Colorado

The Union Edge

TOP (Texas Organizing Project)

TSEU (Texas State Employees Union)

UA (United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada)

UC-AFT (University Council-Am​erican Federation of Teachers)

UESF (United Educators of San Francisco)

UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers International Union)

UFCW (Local 21)

UFCW (Local 400)

UFT (United Federation of Teachers)


UNITE HERE (Local 2)

UNITE HERE (Local 23)

UNITE HERE (Local 25)

UNITE HERE (Local 8)

  • Organizer, Seattle region (Posted: 9/10/2014) Washington


United NY

USW (United Steelworkers)

Washington State Labor Council

WFSE (Washington Federation of State Employees)

WGAW (Writers Guild of America, West)

Wisconsin Jobs Now

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO LETC

Working America (a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO)

Working Families