Director of the Labor Center

Based in Seattle, WA

Position Summary
The Director of the Labor Center is responsible for the design, oversight, and implementation of multiple on- and off- campus adult labor education programs, trainings, workshops, and conferences. The Washington State Labor Education and Research Center was established in 1987 to provide direct education and research services in higher education to unions in Washington State. The mission of the Labor Center is to deliver high-quality education and training programs for the dynamic and diverse working women and men of Washington State by using best practices of adult education. The curriculum builds the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed for working people to become leaders in efforts to improve their work lives and communities and to promote a just economy through collective action. Though based at South Seattle College, the Labor Center is a statewide organization and a unique program within higher education.

The Center also organizes large public events such as conferences, serves as a resource for faculty, students, and staff, produces the Washington State Workers’ Rights Manual, teaches classes through Continuing Education at South Seattle College, provides contract training to unions and other workers’ organizations, and has a book, film, and training materials library available for public use.

The Director of the Labor Center will have direct responsibility for the functioning of the Center within South Seattle College, and will report directly to the Executive Dean of the Georgetown Campus.

Essential Functions

  • Oversee budgeting and fundraising to advance and sustain the financial health and growth of the Labor Center needs
  • Develop a strategic plan for the Labor Center that prioritizes funding growth and delivery of relevant labor education that satisfies requirements of federal, state, institutional, NGOs, and labor and industry included in our coalitions
  • Design develop, and implement all programs of the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center
  • Serve as lead ambassador to labor unions, the Washington State Labor Council, other institutions of higher education, and national labor education organizations
  • Keep the Labor Center's Advisory Committee vital through recruiting new members and planning and scheduling quarterly Advisory Committee meetings
  • Work with other Labor Center staff and South Seattle College staff and/or community partners to author grant proposals to foundations, government agencies, and other potential funders as appropriate
  • Provide vision, leadership, and management in order to develop and support a Labor Center that responds to the educational needs of labor unions, workers, students, apprentices, and community members involved in civic engagement and economic empowerment
  • Serve as one of the Labor Center's educators by designing curriculum and planning and implementing workshops, formal presentations, and other educational programs
  • Work with the South Seattle College community to integrate the Labor Center into the curricula of the College
  • Staff management, supervision and development

Required Education, Experience & Abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3-5 years’ experience developing, delivering, facilitating and implementing labor education programs
  • Experience in curriculum development and adult education pedagogy
  • Successful budget and operations management and fundraising
  • Comprehension and support of the basic premises of labor unions
  • Experience building coalitions and partnerships with diverse representation from multiple stakeholders
  • Comprehensive understanding of apprenticeship
  • Experience in program and event planning
  • Sensitivity to issues of difference and power along the lines of race, ethnicity, gender, citizenship-status, sexual orientation, disability, etc., as they impact working people
  • Proven effectiveness at staff supervision, management and development
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree
  • Experience with strategic campaigns
  • Experience designing and administering college programs
  • Experience navigating college systems
  • Fluency in a language in addition to English

Application Procedures

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