Massachusetts Nurses Association

Massachusetts Nurses Association

Associate Director / Organizer
Organizing Division

Based in Canton, MA


TITLE: Associate Director / Organizer, Organizing Division

The Associate Director is responsible for carrying out all activities related to labor organizing within the Association.

Accountable to the Director of Organizing.


  1. Works as the Coordinator through the organizing campaign:
    • Field all calls concerning the collective bargaining process from unorganized nurses and HCPs in the state or other New England nurses/HCPs that do not have collective bargaining through their own SNA.  Contact nurses/HCPs in organized initiatives to develop organizing campaigns.
    • Coordinates all organizing activities during a campaign including, but not exclusively:
      • Informational and committee meetings with nurses/HCPs.
      • Preparing employee lists with name, address, telephone, MNA membership, card signing activity.
      • Developing in-house committee.
      • Securing broad-based MNA support (card signing).
      • Monitoring employer behavior/tactics for illegal violations.
      • Preparing written materials during the campaign.
      • Coordinating speakers from organized MNA units to speak at informational meetings.
      • Identifying key organizing issues throughout the campaign.
      • Coordinating all MNA communications with bargaining unit membership, non-bargaining unit employees, other unions, and employers.
      • Spokesperson with the media during the campaign.
      • Acting as the MNA spokesperson at pre-election conference with NRLB and employer.
      • Observing election conduct of all parties.
      • Acting as MNA representative at ballot counting.
      • Assisting local unit (once certified) to create local unit bylaws and to have local unit elections.
  2. Keeping up-to-date with current NLRB rulings related to organizing within health-care industry.
  3. Responding to RNs seeking collective bargaining information.
  4. Keeps up-to-date on labor issues related to RNs/HCPs and other issues related to the health care industry.
  5. Develop contact throughout the state at all unorganized health care facilities.
  6. Acts as a resource for all MNA programs and activities.
  7. Participates in MNA staff meetings.
  8. Participates and assists the Board of Directors as assigned by the Director of Organizing.
  9. Assists and participates in MNA Conventions.
  10. Other Duties as assigned.


  1. Organizing experience preferred.
  2. Labor Relations experience – required.
  3. Knowledge of organizing law, both private and public sectors
  4. Advanced education in labor relations preferred.
  5. Experience and knowledge of the health care profession and experience as a local unit leader desirable.

Salary commensurate with experience.

To Apply:
Please send résumés to Shirley Thompson at: sthompson@mnarn.org

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.