Florida Education Association

Florida Education Association

Service Unit Director
Big Bend Service Unit

For covering Leon, Gadsden, Liberty, Taylor, and Wakulla counties
(Extensive Travel Required )


Job Title: Service Unit Director – Big Bend Service Unit (BBSU)
Job Classification: Professional A – FSO Bargaining Unit
Supervisor: OFS Regional Manager (northern region)
Location: Leon, Gadsden, Liberty, Taylor, and Wakulla counties – Extensive travel is required

The Florida Education Association (FEA) is the largest association of professional employees and the largest labor union in the Southeast, representing more than 150,000 members. FEA members include teachers, education staff professionals, higher education faculty and graduate assistants, retirees, education students, and early career educators. FEA represents the professional and working interests of its members and plays a prominent role in shaping state policies that affect public schools.

Position Summary: The Service Unit Director (SUD) assists with the coordination of service operations of each BBSU local association. More specifically, the SUD provides consultation and assistance to elected leaders and members in the areas of bargaining, contract administration, grievance processing, arbitration representation, business management, membership development, leadership and organizational development, internal and external communications, governmental and political advocacy, member and human rights, education reform, and other areas of interest or concern. To be successful in this position, the SUD must establish and maintain positive, professional relationships with local association leaders, staff, and members and FEA leaders and staff. BBSU includes Leon, Gadsden, Liberty, Taylor, and Wakulla counties. Extensive travel is required, including some overnight travel.


  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required.
  • Two years’ experience of member advocacy, union organizing, and collective bargaining is highly desired.
  • Experience conducting professional training in the areas of organizing, advocacy, or collective bargaining is highly desired.
  • Experience serving as the lead representative during arbitration hearings or other judicial hearings is desired.
  • Professional experience working with elected boards, councils, or committees is highly desired.
  • Ability to effectively build and maintain professional relationships is an essential requirement of this position.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple high-priority projects is an essential requirement for this position.
  • Ability to develop additional expertise through self-lead research and formal and informal professional development is required.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide support and guidance to local association staff, officers, and members in the planning and implementation of collective bargaining, labor relations, organizing, contract enforcement, and budget development.
  2. Support the day-to-day operations and initiatives of local associations to promote membership communications, support, and growth.
  3. Create and implement training and professional development opportunities to increase local association structure, worksite leadership structure, political action, and other areas as requested by the local association leaders.
  4. Assist with the implementation and local association support of FEA’s organizing programs.
  5. Create and implement political action campaigns tailored to each local associations’ culture and needs.
  6. Ensure local association leaders and members are aware and engaged in political action initiatives implemented by FEA and its national affiliates.
  7. Provide bargaining and contract enforcement services including arbitration representation.
  8. Conduct regular worksite visits to build and maintain positive leader and member relations and provide member representation services.
  9. Assist with local association program evaluations.
  10. Manage the planning, implementation, utilization, and access to state and national affiliate programs and projects for local associations.
  11. Establish and maintain positive, professional relationships with local association leaders and staff, council members, district personnel, and FEA leaders and staff.
  12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Organizing and Field Services or designee.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Acknowledge and support the advancement of FEA’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.
  2. Identify, contribute to, and support new opportunities to advance FEA’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.
  3. Perform all work assignments in a manner that effectively and efficiently utilizes FEA resources.
  4. Contribute to and support the development and implementation of departmental and interdepartmental programs and services.
  5. Perform all duties, responsibilities, and assignments within the guidelines outlined in the FSO/FEA Collective Bargaining Agreement and in accordance with FEA Policies and Procedures.

COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK – SUD must embrace, exhibit and possess the following effectiveness competencies:

  • Oral Communication - Expresses information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information; makes clear and convincing presentations, listens to others; attends to nonverbal cues.
  • Self-Management/Initiative - Sets well-defined and realistic personal goals; displays a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments in a timely manner; works with minimal supervision; is motivated to achieve; demonstrates responsible behavior.
  • Teamwork - Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust; fosters commitment; works with others to achieve goals.
  • Written Communication - Recognizes and uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling; communicates information in a succinct and organized manner, produces written information that is appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Planning and Evaluating - Organizes work, sets priorities, determines resource requirements, determines goals and strategies; coordinates with other organizations, monitors progress; evaluates outcomes.
  • Integrity/Honesty - Contributes to maintaining the integrity of the organization; displays high standards of ethical conduct and understands the impact of violating these standards on an organization, self, and others; is trustworthy.

Interpersonal Skills - Shows understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy; develops and maintains relationships; deals with difficult people; relates well to people from varied backgrounds; is sensitive to individual differences.

Compensation and Benefits: The salary for this position is determined by the negotiated agreement between the Florida Education Association and the Florida Staff Organization based on comparable experience. FEA provides medical, dental, vision, life, and long-term-disability insurance to its employees with no employee premiums. Additionally, FEA provides employer-paid retirement options, vacation leave, sick leave, and paid holidays.

How to Apply: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and résumé via email to: feahr@floridaea.org. Candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Candidates that apply on or before October 24, 2021 will receive preferential treatment.


Consistent with the FEA Affirmative Action Plan, minority, female, and physically challenged applicants are encouraged to apply. Please contact FEA’s Office of Human Resources at 850-201-3215 or feahr@floridaea.org to request an accommodation during the application process.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.