South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council

South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council

Executive Director

Based in San Jose, CA


The South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council is seeking candidates to fill the position of Executive Director of the organization.

Overview of South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council
The South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council (SBLC) represents over 100 unions and more than 100,000 union members in Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. For over 50 years the SBLC has championed the cause of working families in the South Bay. The SBLC’s primary goal is to advance candidates, causes, and policies that benefit working families. We achieve this objective with a combination of activities, including community organizing, leadership training, campaigning, and issues advocacy. The Labor Council is proud to run the largest, most sophisticated, grassroots political campaign operation in the South Bay.

Duties of the Executive Director
The Executive Director will administer the affairs of the SBLC on a day-to-day basis, propose programs to further the mission and purpose of the SBLC, and, when those programs are adopted, implement and report progress on them.

As outlined in the SBLC Constitution & Bylaws, the Executive Director’s duties and responsibilities shall include:

  1. Track legislation of interest to affiliates at national, state and local levels and disseminate important developments to the Executive Board, affiliates, and Council delegates.
  2. Represent the Council and its affiliates before national, state and local governing bodies.
  3. Establish and maintain effective working relations with representatives of local unions, national, state and local elected officials, representatives of community organizations, and employer representatives.
  4. Upon request of local unions involved and by Executive Board direction, analyze and participate in resolving local trade disputes of affiliated local unions.
  5. Development of membership in the Central Labor Council, through meetings with local unions.
  6. Identify programs and resources available to aid local unions.
  7. Coordinate activities of the Council with the State and National AFL–CIO, other labor organizations, and officially endorsed (by CLC) organizations.
  8. Production and dissemination of leaflets, notices, bulletins, letters and other representation–oriented materials among affiliated local unions and other organizations as designed by the Executive Board.
  9. Maintain and coordinate Council office operations. Coordinate and direct the work of staff and volunteers.
  10. Serve as staff to Labor Council Committees as directed by the President or Executive Board.
  11. Maintain, on a current basis, the official roll of delegates, showing the average membership of each local union as established under the provisions of Article 10, Section 7. Such roll and average membership figures shall be available at each Council meeting.
  12. Under supervision of the Treasurer, he/she shall receive and collect all monies payable to the Council and give his/her receipt for same. He/she shall keep accurate accounts of the monies received and expended in behalf of the Council and credit to the General Fund such sums as accrued thereto. He/she shall report at such meeting the gross receipts and expenditures of the Council and the balance on hand. He/she shall notify affiliated Unions when their payments are in arrears. He/she shall deposit all monies immediately after receipt, in the bank designated by the Trustees, approved by the Council, and under the name of the Council. He/she shall balance the books monthly and submit them to a Certified Public Accountant annually for auditing. The accountant’s report shall be submitted to the Trustees. He/she shall furnish bond in the sum designated by the Trustees and the premium shall be paid by the Council. He/she may counter–sign checks.

Desired Experience
The SBLC is seeking someone who has both experience in and a passion for the labor movement, as well as familiarity with the political scene in Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. Specifically it is seeking someone with the following background:

  • Experience running political campaigns
  • Experience in policy creation and implementation
  • Ability to work effectively with people from all backgrounds and organizational levels
  • Experience managing staff and organizations
  • Negotiation skills and experience
  • Familiarity with and experience in the political landscapes of Santa Clara and San Benito Counties
  • Experience in finance management, including creation and implementation of operating budgets for nonprofit entities
  • Public speaking experience

This position will begin on or about December, 2020. Salary is DOE.

To Apply
Please send your résumé by November 30, 2020 to:

South Bay Labor Council
Attention: Executive Director Position
E-mail: david@scbtc.org

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.