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Senior Analyst

Based in New York City, NY

Immediate Job Opening for Senior Analyst

Locker Associates: Specializes in strategic research, expert financial analysis and comprehensive planning to help unions and other progressive organizations win campaigns, navigate difficult businesses situations, and build power for their members.  Over the last thirty eight years, we have directed more than 250 strategic efforts related to organizing, bargaining, and plant closures, as well as other initiatives spanning the construction, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, service and public sectors. 

We bring to our clients a deep understanding of how businesses and industries work.  We helped manufacturing unions deal with de-industrialization and preserve work by establishing employee-owned firms.  And we’ve provided in-depth analyses of companies and markets for more than 100 strategic campaigns.

Our research and business expertise makes us uniquely qualified to serve clients by:

  • Conducting in-depth research of industries and businesses, identifying sources of leverage and helping unions design powerful organizing, bargaining and fight-back campaigns;
  • Develop corporate profiles on real estate developers and contractors;
  • Organizing community-labor coalitions to build power on the local level;
  • Representing unions in strategic planning and workplace reorganization and bankruptcy;
  • Facilitating ownership transitions to secure the long-term viability of a business;
  • Leading joint labor/management business improvement initiatives.

Responsibilities: The Senior Analyst will be responsible for in-depth research to identify the major strengths and weaknesses of a particular firm and developing the economic and political strategy and tactics for building the power to win.  They will present complex issues/findings, both in writing and orally, to a range of audiences including union leaders and members, organizers, community leaders, regulators and politicians.

Anyone with a passion for justice, a willingness to learn, solid quantitative skills, an ability to work hard and the drive to make a significant, measurable impact on the world is encouraged to apply.

Job Qualifications: Potential candidates should have some experience in conducting campaigns as well as performing in-depth analyses of businesses and industries, including:

  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills, including working knowledge of financial accounting and analysis, economics and statistical methods;
  • Commitment to social and economic justice;
  • Excellent writing, interviewing and communication skills;
  • Ability to handle multiple projects with tight deadlines and work independently;
  • Solid computer skills, including working knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Familiarity with labor unions, economic development and corporate campaigns;
  • Language skills, especially Spanish.

Locker Associates is an equal opportunity employer that provides a competitive salary and benefits.  Interested candidates should immediately email a résumé, writing samples and a list of references to Michael Locker at lockerassociates@yahoo.com.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.