SEIU Local 221

SEIU Local 221

Senior Organizer-Representative

Based in San Diego, CA


The role of the Senior Organizer-Representative is to organize, represent, and mobilize workers while providing leadership to and coordination of union staff, members, and non-union workers.

Organizing is developing collective worker-power through base-building activities, including membership recruitment, leadership development, internal issue campaigns, external growth campaigns, political education, and committee leadership (e.g. organizing committees, contract action teams, community groups, etc.).

Representation is expanding and enforcing the rights of workers through contract negotiations, impact bargaining, labor-management meetings, unfair labor practice charges, and grievances. Mobilizing is turning members out for union, community, and political campaigns.

The Senior Organizer-Representative will be assigned to one or more of the following areas of responsibility. Assignments are made by the Staff Director and are subject to change based on the needs of the Local.

  • Internal Organizing/Collective Bargaining
  • External Organizing/Strategic Campaigns
  • Political Organizing/Community Coalitions

Duties and Responsibilities:*
The Senior Organizer-Representative performs a wide range of duties, which may vary according to the needs of the overall program or a specific campaign. Examples of those duties and responsibilities are listed below:

  1. All duties and responsibilities assigned to non-Senior Organizer-Representatives
  2. Coordinate the activities of member-organizers under the direction of the Staff Director or their designee
  3. Serve as Chief Negotiator in “meet and confer” processes and negotiating full contracts at more than one employer
  4. Represent workers collectively and individually, including formal communications with employer representatives and informal troubleshooting/resolution of workplace issues
  5. File and follow through to conclusion ULPs/UPCs, grievances, and other enforcement actions as necessary for contract enforcement and campaign organizing, especially when doing so is designed to increase membership involvement or union strength in a worksite or at the bargaining table
  6. Develop, plan, and coordinate a contract campaign, including committee and team development, issue identification and messaging, internal structure tests, public actions, and leadership at the bargaining table
  7. Develop, plan, and coordinate an external growth campaign, including research and mapping, committee development, card collection, filing and elections
  8. Assist Advocacy staff and stewards to develop and present Stewards’ Council meetings that further steward development and workplace organizing opportunities
  9. Develop, plan, and coordinate worksite campaigns based on group issues identified by the Advocacy Center
  10. Develop, plan, and coordinate an issue organizing campaign encompassing workers in more than one route and/or with more than one employer
  11. Develop, plan, and coordinate a successful membership and/or COPE campaign
  12. Develop, plan, and coordinate political and community campaigns, including canvassing, phone-banking, and other forms of voter education
  13. Provide guidance and resources to Organizer-Representatives and union members in an effort to assure assignments are completed effectively and in accordance with policy and other relevant regulations
  14. Develop, plan, and coordinate group training, including curriculum and educational resources, for union staff and members to learn organizing and representation skills
  15. Use strategies and tactics that promote class-consciousness and advance struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

*All staff may be assigned other duties not included in this job description as required by the organization.

Scope and Nature of Supervision:
A Senior Organizer-Representative must be able to organize their time, and develop and carry out plans with minimum supervision. They must also be able to receive direction from and interact with their immediate supervisor and/or their designated Lead when it becomes necessary.

Criteria for Evaluation:
The Senior Organizer-Representative will be evaluated on their ability and skill in assisting the Local to meet its goal of organizing and representing workers successfully. Among other criteria, they will be evaluated on the ability to:

  • Engage members
  • Identify and develop leaders
  • Map member relationships and interests and align them with the overall goals of the union
  • Move campaigns and take initiatives on promoting strategies
  • Competently and professionally represent members
  • Exercise sound judgement and make appropriate decisions within the scope of authority of the position
  • Maintain numeric goals and metrics for membership, COPE, authorization cards, etc. as established by the Local Union.
  • Optimize use of resources of the local including the Advocacy Center and other departments
  • Maintain working relationships with the members and other staff
  • Balance conflicting demands successfully
  • Work independently and as part of a team
  • Carry out assigned responsibilities in a competent and professional manner in keeping with the Local’s overall goals and expectations.
  • Advise and assist other staff and members on best practices and support their continued professional development

Working Conditions:
Senior Organizer-Representatives will be required to work long and irregular hours, and to work on weekends and holidays when necessary.

Other Expectations:
Senior Organizer-Representatives are expected to lead by example. It is the role of the Senior Organizer-Representative to provide model behaviors of what is expected as a Leader in our Local Union. All staff is expected to respect the processes of the organization and is expected to work within the framework of the Local Union to resolve internal disputes and issues.

Key Qualifications:
Senior Organizer-Representatives will be expected to be proficient in the following skills and abilities:

  1. Ability to lead, motivate and inspire members to develop into leaders and participate in key union programs (i.e. politics, organizing, bargaining, etc.)
  2. Demonstrated understanding of organizing and how it can be used to empower members and ensure superior outcomes in workers’ lives.
  3. Ability to take initiative and be creative in developing new roles for members and non- union workers within the union and provide the support needed to be successful.
  4. Sound interpersonal and communication skills appropriate to providing a quality member experience including the ability to establish and cultivate respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
  5. Working knowledge and understanding of collective bargaining issues and principles of representation and contract enforcement.
  6. Ability to develop member leaders to deal with worksite issues
  7. Sound organizational skills to manage and prioritize work subject to deadlines in a dynamic and changing environment, as an individual and as a member of a team.
  8. Demonstrated ability to formulate and deliver on short-term and long-term member development and capacity building goals.
  9. Ability to develop, implement and monitor long range plans
  10. Demonstrated ability to understand labor law and employment related policies, practices, and procedures.
  11. Ability to read, understand, and use complex contract language, legislation, and legal texts in the regular course of work
  12. Ability to draft formal documents and correspondence, including labor contracts, side letter agreements, RFIs, demand letters, cease and desists, grievances, ULPs/UPCs, and other formats requiring technical writing abilities.

SEIU Local 221 offers a competitive salary based on staff union contract provisions. Benefits include a car allowance, health care, dental, prescription, vision, and retirement plans, and vacation/time off policy.

About SEIU Local 221:
Service Employees International Union, Local 221 (SEIU Local 221) is a progressive union representing over 13,000 San Diego and Imperial County area employees, including County, cities, courts, schools, Red Cross, and Head Start workers. With an active membership, we plan to organize thousands more workers to continue to be the leading political and community voice for working families in San Diego. This voice comes directly from our members. We believe that the needs and issues of working people are integral to any true social change.

Submission Instructions:
Submit cover letter and résumé via email, mail or fax to:

ATTN: Christa Fink
SEIU Local 221
4004 Kearny Mesa Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

Fax: (858) 560-1299
Email: christa.fink@seiu221.org

Local 221 is an affirmative action employer and encourages applications from all qualified candidates regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion, or disability.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.