Legislative Representative - National VA Council

Grade 13/14, National Office

Washington, DC


Affiliated with the AFL-CIO
80 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001-1583

MEMORANDUM:  Human Resources/Vacancy #12                                                                                                          DATE:  February 23, 2017

National Headquarters and District Offices

THRU: J. David Cox, Sr.
National President

SUBJECT:  Vacancy Announcement - Legislative Representative - National VA Council, Grade 13/14, National Office

A vacancy exists for the position of Legislative Representative - National VA Council in the Legislative Department, effective immediately.

Selection to fill the vacancy will be made according to the AFGE/OPEIU #2 Contract and the National Executive Council's policy on hiring.

Official Station:  National Office

The attached position description outlines the duties, qualifications, and responsibilities of the position.

All interested applicants must apply in writing only to this e-mail: jobs@afge.org, Attention: Legislative Representative-National VA Council #12 to the Human Resources.  Expressions of interest from (internal candidates) must be received by the close of business on Friday, March 3, 2017.

cc:  National Executive Council
Chief Steward, OPEIU
Finance Director 



American Federation of Government Employees Office of the National President
Legislative Department
Washington, D.C.



To promote and advance the legislative objectives of the NVAC, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, in the U.S. Congress and the Administration. Provides advice, guidance, consultation, coordination, and otherwise supports the expressed and implied will of the membership for legislation. This includes maintenance of sound work relationships with the U.S. Congress and staff members; development and strengthening of grassroots network; execution of liaison and lobbyist functions; introduction of favorable legislation; keeping informed of and expressing the NVAC views on proposed legislation; coordinating departmental efforts to prepare bills and legislative comments; coordinating with grassroots, political, policy, legal, labor relations, and communications staff to ensure successful promotion of legislative agenda; and keeping the National VA Council, National and District offices, and members informed of progress.


1. Participates in planning, organizing, coordinating and conducting VA legislative programs to carry out mandates from the President of the National VA Council, the National President (NP) and the National Executive Council (NEC). Formulates and develops written legislative, grassroots, and political strategy proposals and programs. Tracks, analyzes, and prepares testimony, researches legislative history and provides policy research on issues concerning members.

2. Builds and expands grassroots network for the National VA Council.  Does so by helping to develop and strengthen groups of local activists to promote the Council’s legislative agenda. Also, responsible for maintaining close communication with grassroots activists about Legislation and other Congressional issues of importance to Council. Responsible for providing information and technical assistance to Legislative and Political Organizers and Legislative and Political Coordinators.  Will design appropriate grassroots mobilization activities including rallies, town halls and events coordinated with veteran groups and other stakeholders.

3. Performs liaison and lobbyist functions of a business and social nature, including attending daily multiple meetings with Representatives and Senators as well as their staffs. Attends Congressional hearings, subcommittee and committee markups, and floor votes in both chambers on Capitol Hill. For this reason, hours are unpredictable due to nature of congressional activity. Represents AFGE the Legislative Director and the National VA Council in contacts with personnel throughout AFGE, Congress, Federal agencies, and labor organizations. Collects or delivers proposals, bills, reports, correspondence and recommendations to foster and keep communications channels open, makes arrangements for AFGE/NVAC experts to comment upon or help introduce legislation and personally ensures that the position of the AFGE council are clearly understood. Fosters a high level of trust through sincere and honest personal relationships. Keeps Director and NVAC President informed of progress, obstacles, and unusual developments.

4. Works in close coordination and harmony with other AFGE departments and staff on legislative matters and support. Specifically:

A. Communications Department - Ensures that this department is furnished timely and current information on the legislative initiatives,
victories and activities in order to properly disseminate such information to the media, districts, locals, councils and AFGE activists. Provides
information and ideas to help the department refine and focus its public relations message.
B. Membership and Organization - Participates in membership recruitment efforts, including lunch and learns, and metropolitan
organizing initiatives throughout the country.
C.  Grassroots - Works closely with the Field Mobilization Director and Legislative and Political Organizers in the field to identify, train and
develop a cadre of local and council activists to provide legislative and political action to advance the legislative goals. Ensures that the legislative message is delivered to local and council activists, and that they, in turn, lobby their Representatives and Senators on the legislative initiatives.
D. Training - Conducts frequent training for members on legislative issues and lobbying techniques, as well as other matters approved by the NVAC President and Director of Legislation.
E. Policy and Field Services and Education Departments - Works closely with economists, labor relations specialists, and other technicians to develop arguments and positions on a wide range of NVAC legislative issues. Develops and coordinates policy paper and testimony production.
F. General Counsel's Office (GCO) - Works closely with staff attorneys to ensure legislative proposals address legal NVAC concerns.

5. Reviews and signs lobbying reports to the Senate and House reflecting extent of such activities as a registered AFGE lobbyist.
6. Some travel by air and surface transportation is required for NVAC.
7. Performs other duties as related to NVAC.


This is a professional salaried position that is exempt from the FLSA.  Reports to the Legislative Director, and works under his general supervision along with the NVAC President. Work requires thorough familiarity with the process and people through which legislation is introduced and enacted; a working knowledge of federal personnel statutes; and knowledge of AFGE and NVAC policies and procedures.  Performance is evaluated in terms of personal and departmental accomplishments for NVAC and effectiveness in meeting the legislative goals and objectives.


1. Applicant must have five years of relevant U.S. Congressional legislative experience from working on Capitol Hill or lobbying the Congress. Applicants must have a thorough knowledge of the legislative process. Experience with issues related to the Department of Veterans Affairs is a plus. Experience working on Capitol Hill preferred.

2. Applicant must have bachelor's degree, and due to the complexity of the legislative issue, a graduate/law degree is strongly preferred.

3. Applicant must be familiar with and able to analyze legislative bills, proposals, reports, make recommendations regarding them, and prepare written testimony.

4. Applicant must have a deep and abiding commitment to the American labor movement.

5. Applicant must be an exceptional analyst and writer.

6. Grade 14 level is available to incumbents in Grade 13 after one year in service. To be promoted from Grade 13 to Grade 14 Legislative Representative, incumbent must be able to operate independently, with very little direct supervision, while simultaneously keeping the Director and NVAC informed of all important matters. Incumbent must have demonstrated extraordinary skills in the ability to resolve complex legislative challenges, and be able to strategize with Field Mobilization Director, PAC Director and NVAC President in the absence of the Director. 

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.